We are a team of 35+ young and dynamic engineers working together to provide Electro-Mechanical & Software engineering services to our customers around the globe. 

  1. Experience

    Our Engineers come from diverse industries which include Telecom, Energy, Oil & Gas, Automobile, Heavy Machinery, Electro-Mechanical, Electrical, Automation and others. We hire exceptionally talented engineers from fortune 500 companies like G.E, Schneider, John Deere and Honeywell. We also recruit newly graduated engineers from universities and make them industry ready. Our Teams average experience come up to 7 years each.

  2. Availability

    Although we support globally, we make sure ample time is allotted for individual customer to interact with. We operate round the clock, making ourselves available at customers discretion. With our flexible working hours our engineers also work from home to take calls and attend meeting when at late evenings.

  3. Resources

    All our engineers are equipped with high performance H.P workstations & laptops, licensed software packages ( Solidworks, ePDM, WebEx etc), High speed internet connections, Secured Cloud Servers, Dual authenticated VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections. All the above to provide seamless services to our customers.

    New customers can kick start in a day, while existing customers can scale up in few weeks with us.

  4. End to End solution

    We take up projects right from mere concepts till end manufactured product. Multiple concepts generation, project budgeting, prototyping with reduced cost and better quality is assured from our side. We conduct functional and reliability test eventually shipping securely at customer’s doorsteps

    Our customers data security and secrecy is at most important to us. Before commencement of work we arrange a mutual NDA and service level agreement with our customers.

  5. Team Work & Happy employees

    Our engineers work collaboratively, share ideas and knowledge. We believe in unity, integrity of our employee and honor every employee’s opinion. A sustainable and friendly environment is maintained at workplace which keep our employees refreshed to take up much difficult tasks.



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