Telecom Products


RF / Electrical Design

System Analysis / Design

Small Signal Design (Transceiver, LNA, Mixers, DAC, ADC, Detectors, Attenuators)

Large Signal Design (High Power Amplifiers, Linearization)

RF Simulations (EMI, EMC, PI, SI)

Derating Analysis

Passive RF Designs, RF Filters

RF Transitions

Cover Analysis

Sensitivity & Cascade Analysis

Schematics Design

Layout Simulation / Design

Test Optimization, Tunning & DVT

Antenna Design & Manufacturing

  • Base Station Antenna
  • Patch Antenna
  • Millimeter Wave Antenna
  • Antenna for Hand Held Devices
  • Ground & Space bourn Antennas
  • Passive Device Simulation & Design
  • 3D EM Simulation Services
  • Phase Shifter Design for Base Station
  • Design to meet low PIM requirement
  • PIM test capability

Radome Design and Fabrication

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