Vision, Mission, Value

Value, Ethics, Resources makes up General Datum product design and mechanical engineering design services

Our Values

Here at General Datum, we value

Empathy towards customer’s requirements

We offer superior product solutions that provide long lasting value. We are open, genuinely to solve customers’ problems. Dealing with new and providing support to our existing customers is what we do at General Datum. We make sure our ethics and values are never compromised in the name of profit.


As professionals we constantly stress on building trust with our clients, employees and other associates. It is the key element in sustaining any productive relationship. Before commencement of your project we mutually acknowledge Non Disclosure Agreement, which maintains the secrecy of your project.

Individual Performance

We set individual performance above the standard of our company. Thus each individual employee can make the difference as they provide the character and strength to General Datum.

Team spirit

Teamwork is essential to General Datum’s Success. Individuals are encouraged to interact with all levels of product development, sharing ideas, insights and suggestions to improve General Datum’s effectiveness in providing the quality you expect from us. When situation demands all of our team dissolves to come up with the solution to a high priority problem. We support each other and share the common enthusiasm of working towards a challenge.


Here at General Datum we believe in shifting from leadership to stewardship. It makes us responsible for the outcomes within our organization by the result of our choices. Adopting it places us in the role of being a responsible stewards contributing to the wellbeing of customers, employees and community.

Data Privacy & Security

We know how important and confidential your data is to you. At General Datum, the security of your data is our topmost priority. We safe guard your data with layers of encrypted security. Your Data is transferred to our High Security Data Centers by a secure tunnel protected by 128 bit or higher AES encryption. Our data transmission and retention efficiency is 99.9999999%. With that high efficiency you can be sure your valuable Data is secured with us. Each client is given a unique PDM vault with security key which is periodically changed (intimated to client) to help prevent even slightest misuse of data. General Datum works in this secure environment. Storing data in advanced data centers serves us twin purpose, apart from data security, storing it in a remote secure location gives the flexibility to the engineers to work off-location by signing in to it when required.


General Datum aspires to be a unique company. Our reputation as an ethical company is most critical to our success. To safeguard our reputation as a company we hold our selves to standards of ethical behavior. It’s impossible to state down every possible ethical values we uphold as one can be certain that our customers and their development will always be on our highest preference.

Aggressive goal setting

Accepting reachable targets is our day to day work, but what set General Datum apart is setting up aggressive goals. This drives us to work harder to achieve it. We have recognized to be able to cope up with ever competitive market, quality designed and tested product hitting market floor early, makes all the difference.


We believe in giving and making commitments, making General Datum accountable for commitments and results. We try to go that extra mile to meet those deadlines; For what it’s worth that extra mile has made all possible.

Quality Assurance and Excellence

We care your product as ours. We built General Datum on grounds of uncompromising quality service provider with most affordable price. Your product undergo a thorough inspection/review from qualified and experienced engineers, and is deployed to a high computation test scenarios which mimics the real time exposure, to ensure the end customers of the respective product are satisfied.

Protection of Intellectual property

General datum takes information security and secrecy to highest regards. We do not disclose any such information to other client or any third parties what so ever. We only acquire that information which is vital for the project and its development. We make sure we do not publish your trademarks, copyrights, patents and other rights online, as we firmly assert that is the most valuable asset of yours.

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